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    After Incarceration Support Systems Program
    The After Incarceration Support Systems Program assists exoffenders in all aspects of their lives (depending on their needs)
    as they transition from incarceration to community. Exoffender can utilize AISS for case management. Case management
    includes referrals to community agencies, Life skills training, Spectra, assisting with food, clothing, housing, identification,
    advocacy, and employment.
    736 State Street
    Springfield, MA 01109

Aid to Incarcerated Mothers
AIM provides services to incarcerated mothers and their children, as well as women who have had trouble with the law in the
past and are trying to improve their lives upon reentry into the community.
434 Massachusetts Avenue Suite 503
Boston, MA 02118
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Back on My Feet
Back on My Feet recruits members (individuals experiencing homelessness) at homeless and residential facilities around the
country and begins with a commitment to run three days a week in the early morning. After 30 days in the program,
members with 90% attendance earn the opportunity to move into the second phase of the program called Next Steps, which
provides educational support, job training programs, employment partnership referrals and housing resources. Almost 80%
of individuals who start the program move into Next Steps.
426 E. 1st Street The Comcast Building
Boston, MA 02127

Boston Reentry Initiative
The Boston Reentry Initiative includes an emphasis on mentoring, information sharing, treating addiction, and employment
opportunities for inmates after release.
20 Bradston Street
Boston, MA 02130

Boston TenPoint Coalition
The Community ReEntry Initiative provides mentoring and basic services such as job placement and skills training to ex
150 Warren Street
Roxbury, MA 02130

Boston’s Span, Inc. (NO LONGER IN BUSINESS- Waring Site has been Hacked !)
Our programs include the reintegration support program (RSP) which provides shortterm transitional housing assistance,
case management. The Community Resource Center (CRC) provides employment assistance, literacy and high school
equivalency education, programs for violence reduction, relapse prevention, and life skills.
105 Chauncy Street 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02111
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Brooke HouseOvercoming the Odds
With a goal of successful reentry, all residents receive comprehensive case management services addressing their
employment, housing, family reunification, and treatment needs.
107 Park Drive
Boston, MA 02215

Community Reentry for Women (C.R.E.W.)
The Community Reentry for Women (C.R.E.W.) Program prepares female offenders for reentry through the delivery of life
skills instruction, job placement and health care services
20 Bradston Street
Boston, MA 02118

Dismas House of Massachusetts
Dismas House provides transitional housing and support services to men and women who have been recently released from
prison or jail. Dismas House recognizes that the cycle of crime can be reduced when men and women who have been
incarcerated have assistance readjusting to society. Dismas House provides room and board, transportation, job referrals, life
skills counseling.
PO Box 30125
Worchester, MA 30125

Impact Employment Services
IMPACT supports men and women in their efforts to secure, retain and upgrade a job. Our staff carefully screens each
candidate, assessing their skills and workplace readiness. IMPACT has been nationally recognized as a Best Practice in
Employment Services by the National Alliance to End Homelessness.
444 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02130
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Project Place
Community Reentry for Women (CREW) is the result of our partnership with The Suffolk County House of Correction. The
program provides an avenue for reintegration for female offenders by providing intensive case management, job readiness,
life skills instruction. and job placement upon discharge.
1145 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02118

STRIVE/Boston Employment Service, Inc. offers employment training and placement services to exoffenders.
651 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02124

The Work Place
If you have a criminal record and are having issues finding employment a career counselor/job developer at The Work Place
can help you.
29 Winter Street
Boston, MA 02108

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