Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Employment Websites

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Citizens’ Guide to State Services

Table of Contents


  1. Executive Office Of Labor and Workforce Development

Fair and Safe Labor Practices

  1. Department Of Labor Standards
  2. Fair Labor Division
  3. Division of Apprentice Standards
  4. Asbestos and Lead Licensing and Enforcement Program
  5. Employment Agency Licensing
  6. Minimum Wage Program
  7. Prevailing Wage Program


  1. Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
  2. Brian Injury & Statewide Specialized Community Services Program
  3. Division Of Disability Determination Services


  1. Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination
  2. Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Employment/ Career Services

  1. Department of Career Services
  2. MassHire Career Centers
  3. MassHire JobQuest
  4. Mass Career Information System (MassCIS) : MassHire’s career planning tool.
  5. Labor Market Information
  6. Veterans Employment Services


  1. State Board Of Retirement
  2. Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission
  3. Massachusetts Teachers Retirement System
  4. Contributory Retirement Appeal Board

Special Employee Program

  1. Foreign Labor Certification
  2. Massachusetts Service Alliance
  3. Pensions Reserves Investment Management Board
  4. Commonwealth of Massachusetts Employees Charitable Campaign

State Employment

  1. Human Resource Division
  2. Civil Service Unit

Unemployment Compensation

  1. Dept of Unemployment  Assistance
  2. Fraud Hotline
  3. Interstate Claims
  4. Employer Contribution Division
  5. Massachusetts Workshare Program

Unions/labor Relations

  1. Department of Labor Relations
  2. Joint labor Management Committee
  3. Office of Employee Relations

Workers’ Compensation

  1. Department of Industrial Accidents
  2. State Employees Workers’ Compensation
  3. Department of Family and Medical Leave (DFML)

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