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Boston Project Rebound Re-Entry Services, Inc.

(copied from BPRRS Bylaws)

The name of this corporation shall be Boston Project Rebound Re-Entry Services, Inc.  The business of the corporation may be conducted as Boston Project Rebound.



2.01 Purpose

Boston Project Rebound Re-Entry Services, Inc., Inc. is a non-profit corporation and shall be operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, or the corresponding section of any future Federal tax code.

The purpose of Boston Project Rebound Re-Entry Services, Inc., Inc. is to meet the service needs of re-entry, previously incarcerated, women and men, from release to successful reintegration into community living through Peer Navigator Services.  BOSTON PROJECT REBOUND RE-ENTRY SERVICES, INC., INC. anticipates that reentry women and men will experience the culture shock of moving from incarceration back into the community while also learning about new resources such as cell phones, computers, social media and many other changes.  BOSTON PROJECT REBOUND RE-ENTRY SERVICES, INC., understands that most, if not all returning previously incarcerated women and men require help in navigating the complex and fragmented community-based systems to gain: identification materials, transportation support, department of correction and court registrations, shelter, housing, financial assistance, food assistance, health and mental health care, addiction recovery programs, peer support, family reunification service, training/education programs and employment among other support needs.



3.01 No Membership Classes

The corporation shall have no members who have any right to vote or title or interest in or to the corporation, its properties and franchises.

3.02 Non-Voting Affiliates

The board of directors may approve classes of non-voting affiliates with rights, privileges, and obligations established by the board.  Affiliates may be individuals, businesses, and other organizations that seek to support the mission of the corporation.  The board, a designated committee of the board, or any duly elected officer in accordance with board policy, shall have the authority to admit any individual or organization as an affiliate, to recognize representatives of affiliates, and to make determinations as to affiliates’ rights, privileges, and obligations.   At no time shall affiliate information be shared with or sold to other organizations or groups without the affiliate’s consent.  At the discretion of the board of directors, affiliates may be given endorsement, recognition and media coverage at fundraising activities, clinics, other events or at the corporation website. Affiliates have no voting rights, and are not members of the corporation.

3.03 Dues

Any dues for affiliates shall be determined by the board of directors. THERE ARE NO DUES OR FEES FOR OUR SERVICES

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