Advisory Committee

 Boston Project Rebound Reentry Services, Inc.

 ++++ Client Advisory Committee ++++

If you would like to serve on this committee please email or call our office at the number listed on contact page


  1.  Must Of served time in a Correctional Facility
  2. Must be willing to meet with other Advisory Committee members once a month or as needed
  3. Here’s your chance to serve and giveback  and help others


This group will serve as a think tank for Boston Project Rebound Reentry Services, Inc. to assist in developing programs and other things that mite help BPRRS to grow.  The Advisory Committee will have one Board member serve as chairman to help facilitate the Advisory Committee activities and meetings.

  1. Committee Chair Member:
  2. *Committee Co-Chair Member:
  3. Committee Member:
  4. Committee Member:
  5. Committee Member:
  6. Committee Member:
  7. Committee Member:
  8. Committee Member:
  9. Committee Member:
  10. Committee Member:

*Co-Chair will be elected by Advisory Committee members before 4 meeting (Minimum 5 member committee)

page updated 4/26/2023

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