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Amateur Radio Page

page last updated 5/31/2020


 Official Amateur Radio Page


Table Of Content For This Page Only

  1. Table Of Content
  2. News and Announcements from Steven
  3. Steven’s Contact Information
  4. Boston Weather
  5. My Radio Shack Equipment
  6. Steven’s Radio History
  7. Amateur Radio QSL Card’s  (NEW)
  8. Youth in  Amateur Radio
  9. The American Radio Relay League, ARRL
  10. Amateur Radio Manufacturing Companys
  11. Amateur Radio Magazines
  12. Emergency Services Organizations
  13. Weather Website Links
  14. Federal Communications Commission
  15. Internet Amateur Radio Stores
  16. Great Amateur Radio YouTube Channels
  17. Amateur Radio Repeater Directory’s
  18. Amateur Radio Repeaters information
  19. Amateur Radio PC Software
  20. Online Scanner Directory’s
  21. Boston Marathon Amateur Radio
  22. New & Unsorted website links Links

News and Announcements from Steven

(Updated 6/12/2020)

Dear Reader,

building this amateur radio page has been a labor of love for me, I have NOT gotten my Amateur Radio Technician license at this time, but working on this page has shown me and I think it has teach me so much about amateur radio, I have started to learn the steps it will take to get my Amateur Radio Technician license and now I feel I can start using this page to show you the steps to take to get yours Amateur Radio Technician license.

  1. What is Amateur Radio? – this page is for those who wish to learn about Amateur Radio or needing
  2.  Page Below Moved On 6/6/2020 To Amateur-Radio-Clubs-Links-Page 
  • College & University Amateur Radio Clubs
  • Massachusetts Amateur Radio Clubs
  • Amateur Radio Special Groups

  3. Amateur Radio Braking News – Posted 5/29/2020

     2020 Boston Marathon will not take place in September is no longer “feasible”

BOSTON (WHDH) – Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced Thursday that the running of the 2020 Boston Marathon in September is no longer “feasible” due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is the first time in history that the race will not be held in person.

   4. Posted 6/12/20 New Live Audio Feeds – Amateur Radio Page

 NOTE: Any links shown in BLACK are currently unavailable

My Contact Information

  • Name: Steven Provost
  • Location: Dorchester
  • State: Massachusetts
  • My Amateur Radio Call Sign  – (Coming soon!)
  • Contact Me At: Email: Steven Provost
  • Or use our: contact Page
  • My Last Page Updated: 4/17/2020
  • First Amateur Radio QSL CARD From: Joe Chapman (NV1W) World Amateur Radio day 2020
  • FCC FRN# 0029613783 (My CORES RECORD On FCC.GOV)

Boston Massachusetts Weather

  1. Boston, MA Weather Conditions

My Amateur Radio Shack Equipment (updated 6/6/2020)

  1. Baofeng UV-5R Handheld (HT) (RADIO#1) (2 Meter & 70 Centimeters)
  2. Baofeng UV-5R Handheld (HT) (RADIO#2) (2 Meter & 70 Centimeters)
  3. Anysecu Handheld Microphone (x2)
  4. Nagoya (NA-771) Radio Antenna
  5. Baofeng USB Programming Cable for Baofeng UV-5R
  6. AnyTone AT-D878UV – DMR RADIO  (6/3/2020)
  7. Bridgecom Systems Handheld Microphone (Works with Baofeng UV5R radio & Anytone At-D878UV Radio)
  8. Bridgecom Systems Anytone At-D878UV Programming cable
  9. Anytone At-D878UV Power Batt (x2)

My Radio History

  1. Member of Western Massachusetts React Team#4961
  2. GMRS operator call KAF9314
  3. Formerly President/Founder Pioneer Valley React team #6049
  4. Former Volunteer Broadcast Radio Disc Jockey WTCC Fm 90.7fm (@ Springfield Technical Community College)
  5. Member of Boston Amateur Radio Club (11/2019)- CURRENTLY ACTIVE

Amateur Radio QSL CARDs    

*** Cards Received ***

  1. First Amateur Radio QSL CARD From: Joe Chapman (NV1W) World Amateur Radio day 2020 (Received 4/21/2020) THANK YOU JOE!! –  My ELMER!!!

Special Event Net

Listen  to how Amateur Radio talk on NET (WORLD AMATEUR RADIO DAY (2020 YouTube Live Stream)

Youth In Amateur Radio

  1. Boy Scouts Radiate at summer camp!
  2. Boy Scouts Summer camp
  3. Radio Merit Badge

The American Radio Relay League

  1. ARRL.ORG (The American Radio Relay League, ARRL)
  2. The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)
  3. ARRL YouTube Channel
  4. * NEW* PODCAST (On The Air) listen here Discription of podcast-The On the Air podcast is a monthly companion to On the Air magazine, ARRL’s magazine for beginner-to-intermediate ham radio operators
  5. ARRL Level 1 Amateur Radio Emergency Communications
  6. ARRL Public Service Communications Manual

Amateur Radio Manufacturing Company’s

  1. Yaesu Radios
  2. Icom Radio

 Amateur Radio Magazines

  1. CQ Amateur Radio
  2. CQ Ham Radio
  3. CQ VHF Magazine
  4. Radio ZS
  5. QST
  6. WorldRadio
  7. Popular Communications
  8. Ham Radio
  9. QEX
  10. The Canadian Amateur
  11. 73
  12. National Contest Journal
  13. RadCom

Emergency Services Organizations

  1. Federal Emergency Management Agency
  2. Civil Air Patrol (National)
  3. Connecticut Amateur Radio Emergency Service
  4. Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
  5. Rhode Island Amateur Radio Emergency Service
  6. Maine Amateur Radio Emergency Service
  7. Vermont Amateur Radio Emergency Service
  8. Massachusetts Civil Air Patrol
  9. ARRL* New Hampshire Section ARES*/RACES
  10. REACT International, Inc. (REACT)
  11. Eastern Massachusetts ARES
  12. Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
  13. The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services (Massachusetts)
  14. National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (National VOAD)
  15. Massachusetts Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster
  16. The American Red Cross of Massachusetts Disaster services
  17. Download the ARES Manual [PDF]

Emergency Services Training

  1. National CERT website
  2. IS-100.c Introdution to the Incident Command System, ICS-100
  3. IS-700.b NIMS An Introduction
  4. IS-800.c National Response Framework, An Introduction

Weather Website Links

Federal Communications Commission

  1. Federal Communications Commission
  2. Universal Licensing Syetem- (Amateur License Search)
  3. Amateur Radio Service Information
  4. Radio Operator FCC User Profile and FRN Registration (video)
  5. FCC A new Commission Registration System (CORES)
  6. US Amateur Radio Bands

Internet Amateur Radio Stores

  1. Ham Radio Outlet
  2. BridgeCom, Inc
  3. Amateur Radio on
  4. MTC Radio (Paris, Texas)
  5. Associated Radio – (Overland Park, KS)
  6. Universal Radio, Inc.
  7. Kji Electronics
  8. West Mountain Radio

Great Amateur Radio YouTube Channels

  1. Ham Radio Crash Course

Amateur Radio Repeater Directory’s

  1. New England Repeater Directory (NERD)
  2. Repeater Book.Com
  4. Mobile Amateur Repeater Database – by artsci publishing
  6. Amateur Radio Repeaters list
  7. The Repeater’s Technical Information page

Amateur Radio Repeaters information

  1. FM Repeaters – An Introduction
  2. to talk on Repeaters – Repeater Etiquette on
  3. Repeater Etiquette –


  1. Ham test prep  (From Google Play Store) 
  2. ham-radio-exam-tech (

Amateur Radio PC Software

  1. N1MM Logger is the world’s most popular ham radio contest logging program.
  2. CHIRP Programming Software
  3.  EchoLink® software is offered free of charge to licensed Amateur Radio operators worldwide, for Amateur Radio use only. Please note that you must hold a valid Amateur Radio license in order to use EchoLink. After installing the program, you must provide proof of license if you wish to use it; see Authentication for more information.
  4. Airlink Express is a user friendly digital mode software package for the Amateur Radio Operator. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, and Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10. It offers PSK, MFSK and RTTY digital modes with logging and macro capabilities. If you have ever used the Digipan software you will be immediately familiar with Airlink Express.
  5. Ham Clock is a useful time management tool for HAM radio operators that displays the local and UTC time.
  6. From CrownSoft:Audio Repeater  (Free Version) allows you to transfer audio samples from one device to another with DSP processing support. You can change Buffer Count & Buffer Size if you hear gaps in audio stream. Audio Repeater uses dsp module of winamp dsp plug-in. You can use this program to apply dsp effects to line-in of your sound card real-time with minimum amount of latency. Also you can use Virtual Audio Cables if you want to apply dsp effects to the entire system. The app’s interface is based on a small, common window with a simple layout, where you can select the input and output devices from drop-down menus. The compact application has not triggered any error dialogs, froze or crashed during our tests. It has a good response time, finishes a task swiftly and needs only a small quantity of CPU and system memory to work well.

Online Scanner Directory’s

  2. (Membership 10/2019)
  3. New England Central Railroad Scanner Frequencies

Amateur Radio International Space Station

  1. where is the international Space station (ISS tracker)
  2. National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  3. Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS)
  4. Ham’s in Space (Amateur Radio-call signs for astronauts who are, or were at one time, licensed hams)
  5. list of astronauts have become licensed radio amateurs
  6. New HAM radio equipment is in space at the station


Boston Marathon Amateur Radio


  • Amateur Radio volunteer opportunities exist along the entire event from the Start Area in Hopkinton to the Finish Area in Boston as well as in each of the 6 cities and towns in between!
  • This group of volunteers are communications specialists and assist in the transfer of both emergency and routine messages during the race. An FCC Amateur Radio license is required to act as an Amateur Radio Volunteer, much like you need a driver’s license to operate a motor vehicle. If you are not already licensed and are interested in getting licensed reach out to us at There are certain volunteer jobs that do not require (although encourage) an FCC Amateur Radio license. Our service is made effective as it focuses upon the clarity, efficiency and accuracy of the communications links we provide. Volunteers who have public safety communications experience are among those so qualified. Please write to see if you qualify.



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* NEW * Website Links (UNSORTED) *

New LInks you send me will be placed here until I place them in the correct Category

  2. Amateur Radio Service Information
  4. Massachusetts DMR reapters
  8. Honda (generators):
  9. Elecraft (KX1, K2 transceivers):
  10. Jackite(fiberglass poles):
  11. MFJ(fiberglass poles):
  12. (Hustler 4/5/6-BTV):
  13. Engineering (Hustler 4/5/6-BTV): Antenna (PAC-12):
  18. W6MMA (MP-1 & MP-2):
  20. building a Mobile Amature Radio Repeater
  21. Ham Radio For Dummies® – FREE PFD DOWNLOAD Here


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