Boston Project Rebound Reentry Resource Fair

  • Name Of Event: Boston Project Rebound Reentry Resource Fair
  • Date Of Event: To Be Announced – (JANUARY – FEBRUARY 2024)
  • Place Of Event:To Be Announced (CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR PLACE)
  • Time Of Event: To Be Announced

We were talking today about what we can tell BRCC partners about the planning meeting you have coming up.  Here’s my best shot at that:

Planning Committee Meeting Info

“On Thursday (12/21) at 12:00 Boston Project Rebound and Coolidge House will be holding a lunch to discuss plans for an upcoming reentry fair.  The goal is to bring together a wide range of reentry service providers and develop a program and marketing strategy that will draw in individuals returning from incarceration from around the Boston area.  Organization working to support reentry are welcomed and encouraged to join us and share ideas.” 
by Ben S

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Event Update’s

  • 12/11/23
    Hello & Greetings to all,
    My Name is Steven Provost, I am The Founder and Executive Director of Boston Project Rebound Reentry Services, Inc., I am  currently working on a project With Mrs Hanna From Coolidge House to have a Reentry Resource Fair after the New Year sometime in January or February. We will be holding a planning meeting December 21 at 12 noon. if you would like to attend this meeting, please let me know at the following email or call me at the following number for more information 857-990-8549
    Thank you
    Steven Provost
    Founder/Executive Director
    Boston Project Rebound Reentry Services, Inc.

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The job of a Volunteer Coordinator is to recruit volunteers and give guidance and consultation to the volunteers. They confirm that the volunteer interest and the organization’s interests get served at the same time. They have to instruct and train volunteers for designated positions. The Volunteer Coordinator coordinates the chosen volunteers about the upcoming events and assigns them duties. They inform the volunteers through different communication methods like newsletters. 

The volunteer Coordinator’s major is to recruit volunteers in the organization and ensure it remains fully staffed. They use various marketing tools and help from the existing volunteers to enroll the new one. Some of the marketing tools they use are email letters, volunteer databases, outreach events, etc.  

 It’s the job of the volunteer coordinator to respect and convey the values of the organization to others. Most of the time, volunteer coordinators work for Non-Profit Organizations to serve their mission. Organizations choose volunteer Coordinators based on the skills, qualifications, and experience gained in the field.

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 Event Organizers

Boston Project Rebound Re-Entry Services, Inc.

Boston Project Rebound Re-Entry Services, Inc. is a community based program that supports formerly incarcerated individuals. The mission of the organization is to facilitate the successful reentry of formerly incarcerated individuals into the community by supporting their needs with: education, employment, assistance in parole or probation, obtaining benefits, housing, building relationships, spiritual support, and strategic partnerships with other organizations in the community after release. The first step in requesting services is to schedule an intake appointment, which lasts approximately one hours. These intake appointments will help staff to determine appropriate placement and eligibility. The organization is able to accept individuals with convictions for sex based crimes, as well as those just exiting correctional facilities. Interviewees must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the intake appointment. For more information about specific services offered by Boston Project Rebound Re-Entry Services, contact the organization directly using the information on this page.

Action for Boston Community Development, Inc

Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) is an anti-poverty, community development and human services organization founded in 1961 as Boston Community Development Program (BCDP) in Boston, Massachusetts and incorporated as Action for Boston Community Development in 1962, serving as a prototype for urban “human renewal” agencies.[5]

It is the largest non-profit human services agency in New England, annually serving more than 100,000 low-income Greater Boston-area residents through its central offices and a decentralized network of Neighborhood Service Centers (NSCs), Head Start centers, Family Planning sites, and Foster Grandparent sites.[6]

Every year since 1974, ABCD has a Community Awards dinner honoring people and organizations who have made significant contributions to the Boston community especially through their volunteerism.