What our Clients say about Boston Project Rebound Reentry Services, Inc


Here are a few words from “Rich”, a client

It was 2019. I had planned on transferring to
New York City for parole. I was denied at the last
minute. The sheriff’s department contacted Boston
Project Rebound Re-entry Services to meet me and
help me upon release. The staff of BPRRS met me
about 2 weeks before my release to prep me and
assure me they would be there on the day I left
prison. They were there, and I knew I wasn’t going
to face all this alone. They offered me support,
which I desperately needed, when I had nobody to
help me when I was released. Their resources and
advice helped me to get started. I received clothes,
a hygienic care package, a food gift-card, and a
public transit card so I could get to parole and
around the city. An officer liaison also helped me

find a new pair of sneakers.
I finally ended up at St. Francis House for their
day program which provided more resources and
meals and was able to find a bed at the Pine Street
Inn shelter. During the pandemic, it was quite a
challenge, as so many were losing jobs, to find
work. I did find work, in Laundry for the Best
Western Hotel for that time and am now currently
working at another full-time job. This job will also
help me find independence in my being able to
secure an apartment.
I am grateful for all the folks that helped me on
this journey! And a big shout out to Boston Project
Rebound for all they did before and on the day of
my release. I am still in touch with BPRRS, and
these guys are doing a great thing. My name is
Rich, and I am a testament to their good work! 


Testimony #2
Here are a few words from “Bill”, a client
“Boston Project Rebound Reentry Services was a big help
prior to my release from corrections. They contacted my
lawyer and explained what their organization did for
returning citizens. I had no idea what I needed. They did
an intake on me, asked a lot of questions that made sense.
On my first day of freedom, Michael and Steven met me
outside the shelter I was staying at. They took me out for
lunch. Over the next couple of days, they called me, and
asked how I was doing. ….. I’ve adjusted pretty well,
thanks to the guys at Boston Project Rebound.”


updated 3/19/2024