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We Help Bring People Home to their Community

The Mission of Boston Project Rebound Reentry Services. Inc. is to facilitate successful reintegration of former prisoners into the community by assisting their needs with: education, employment, support in parole or probation, obtaining benefits, housing, building relationships, spiritual support, and supportive connections to other services in the community post release


Boston Project Rebound Reentry Services, Inc. is a Reintegration organization located in Boston Massachusetts which is part of Suffolk County in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in the United States. Founded on November 15, 2018., by Steven Provost and Co-Founded by Michael Austin, when they both found out that friend of theirs that is being released from corrections had no support or help to find resources in Boston Massachusetts, and being a part of other organizations that worked with returning citizens. Just before Boston Project Rebound Reentry Services, Inc. was born one of the other Organizations called “New Start Project” which was founded by Mr. Tony Smith. In September 2018 the New Start Project Board Of Directors decided to close its doors for good. that’s when BPRRS decided to continue the mission that I badly needed in the Boston Massachusetts Area. Sense our beginning we have made many important community partnerships with our organizations in the Metro Boston area to assist our clients with many different areas such as employment,  Trained Peer - Navigators, and weekly Reentry support group

What we do

We service those who are still behind the walls of a correctional facility. We meet our new clients during their time in the correctional facility, to complete new client intake paperwork. On the date of their release one of our trained Peer Navigators, who will help the client to learn about new resources such as cell phones, computers, social media, and many other changes? Our Peer Navigators also incarcerated women and men require help in navigating the complex and fragmented community-based systems to gain: identification materials, transportation support, department of correction and court registrations, shelter, housing, financial assistance, food assistance, health and mental health care, addiction recovery programs, peer support, family reunification service, training/education programs and employment among other support needs returning to the Boston area community.


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