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Message From Executive Director Steven Provost. 11/16/2021

We are starting to meet with our clients in public locations at this time. Please call us before any meeting, to schedule an appointment.  THANK YOU !

Message from Executive Director Steven Provost. (Posted 3/1/2020)

we are sorry to report that because of the Corona virus Pandemic, we are currently not meeting our new clients in public and will be happy to talk to you over the telephone Please feel free to call us. (see Contact Page)

Posted 7/7/2020

Title: In The Website News

  • I have been hearing alot of people droping by our website latly.. Thank You !
  • I’m now working on three websites, but i has not slowed me down at all. this website i am cleaning up abit and cleaning up the pages .. i hope you like it and use or resource pages that are very useful for anyone being released from Correctional Facility…. Please drop me a line (email) if you have any questions

Steven Provost

BPRRS Executive Director

Posted 4/5/2020

Title: Our Podcast can Now also be heard on

click here to listen to our podcast on

Posted 4/3/2020

Check out our new Podcast on

first show now posted

Click here to listento our Podcast on



Coronavirus outbreak could lead

to the release of thousands of inmates


Our Website-(Posted 3/29/2020)

The Boston Project Rebound Reentry Services, Inc. social media platforms (including this website) are in the process of being completely rewritten to incorporate new technologies and content to better serve our target audience. Please bear with us while this upgrade is being implemented and be sure to drop us a comment with any problems you encounter or ideas you have to improve our website. To get the most out of our website, we recommend using a current web browser and enabling java. Check back often as new content will be added frequently until this upgrade is completed. Our goal is to have a consistent look and feel throughout our site.