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Safe and stable housing is particularly important for women to ensure their physical and emotional safety immediately following release. Having a secure place to live can minimize the risk of women returning to or relying on unhealthy relationships to meet basic needs. NBRS is committed to ensuring safe and stable housing located away from prior abusive or unhealthy relationships with space for the woman to make her transition back into the community a positive and productive experience.  

City of Boston 2023 Homeless Census Summary Data

For More Info About Homeless Census – Click Here

Available Affordable Units

  • Metrolist: All affordable housing developments in Boston must list available units with Metrolist. Please contact their office to find currently available units at or 617.635.3321.

  • CHAPA Lotteries and Resales Listings: The Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association lists lotteries and resales on affordable ownership opportunities.

  • MassAccess Housing Registry: This database lists available units across Eastern Massachusetts, and highlights accessible/barrier-free homes for persons with disabilities.

  • MBHP Apartment Listings: Metro Housing|Boston affordable rental apartments. 

  • MassHousing: MassHousing helps create affordable housing in Boston and keeps a list of available affordable ownership and rental units.

Low-Income and Public Units

  • Boston Housing Authority: The Boston Housing Authority provides subsidized housing opportunities to low-income residents and administers the Section 8 voucher program for Boston. Contact the BHA at 617.988.4200.

  • HUD Low Rent Apartment Search: The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development keeps a searchable database of low-rent units nationwide.

Eviction Prevention/Landlord Disputes

If you are at risk of losing your housing, please contact:

The Attorney General’s Guide to Landlord and Tenant Rights

Boston Emergency Shelters

**** Recommended by Boston Project Rebound Reentry Services, Inc.

Caution & Warning : Watch you property closely, lots of people stealing in Boston Shelters

If you have lost your housing, and need help finding emergency or transitional housing, please contact:

  • Emergency Shelter Commission: The Emergency Shelter Commission at the Boston Public Health Commission helps with referrals to emergency housing services.

  • The Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community a Development has a guide to homelessness resources. Click on your town or city to get links to local resources. 

Metro Boston Area

  • When calling Mass 211 for a need related to housing, callers can expect information and referrals to a comprehensive list of available resources. Call-takers cover a wide variety of housing issues including:

    1. Financial Hardship
      For callers lacking the resources to pay rent, mortgage, rental deposits, moving costs and/or certain utilities, Mass 211 will discuss state and local resources, as well as the necessary follow-up steps.
    2. Facing Eviction/At Risk for Homelessness
      For callers facing eviction and housing instability, Mass 211 will cover resources available for multiple issues, including:a. Landlord/Tenant Mediation, Legal Assistance
      b. Conducting a Housing Search
      c. Applying for Subsidized Housing
      d. Financial/Credit Counseling
    3. Homeless/In Need of Shelter
      For callers who are homeless and seeking shelter, Mass 211 will provide information and referrals for shelter or other temporary housing options depending on the caller’s particular situation (individual, family, victims of domestic violence, accommodations for disabilities)
    4. Health and Safety Concerns
      For callers concerned about the condition of their unit, Mass 211 will provide referrals for:
      a.    Requesting a health and safety inspection
      b.    Landlord/Tenant Mediation
      c.    Home Maintenance and Repairs
    5. Housing Discrimination/Fair Housing Matters
      For callers concerned about potential discrimination, Mass 211 can assist with resources and follow-up steps to file a complaint, request a reasonable accommodation, maintain a support animal, etc.

Western Massachusetts  (Springfield, Massachusetts Area)

Worcester Massachusetts Area


Berkshire Hills Area (Pittsfield, Ma,Lee, Stockbridge,Adams, North Adams, Becket, Great Barrington, Monterey)

Women Homeless Shelters (Boston Area)

Other Housing Resources

Housing for People with Disabilities

General Affordable Housing Counseling

  • Metro Housing|Boston: Metro Housing|Boston’s Housing Portal is the agency’s “Front Door”.    The portal offers information and referrals, brief counseling, education and workshops, and emergency financial assistance. Metro Housing|Boston also administrator’s the State Section 8 voucher program. Contact them at or 617.859.0400.

Additional Agencies Related to Affordable Housing

City of Boston

  • Neighborhood Housing Development: The Neighborhood Housing Development program of the City of Boston’s Department of Neighborhood Development works with non-profit and for-profit partners to develop and preserve affordable housing. 617.635.3880

  • Boston Home Center: The Boston Home Center of the City of Boston’s Department of Neighborhood Development helps Boston residents purchase, improve, and keep their homes. They offer training and financial help to first-time home buyers; guidance and funding for homeowners for home improvements; and counseling to help families avoid foreclosure. 617.635.HOME (617.635.4663)

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