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Boston Project Rebound Re-Entry Services, Inc.

Things to know before Intake Appointments

The Mission of Boston Project Rebound Reentry Services, Inc

   The mission of  Boston Project Rebound Reentry Services, Inc.. is to facilitate successful reintegration of former prisoners into the community by assisting their needs with: education, employment, support in parole or probation, obtaining benefits, housing, building relationships, spiritual support, and supportive connections to other services in the community post release

The Intake

When new Client’s come to Boston Project Rebound Reentry Services, the Triage team uses an initial intake assessment to calibrate the right level of support. This includes reviewing a client’s history, substance use challenges, and more by filing out a intake form. This conversation with our Triage team helps the Client and Triage staff determine the best course of action.

Our Triage team, will meet the new client at a safe public place that is safe for you our client and for our Triage team to meet you. The Client will have time to ask questions and Receive answers from the Triage team about how we can help the new client start their way to a 

    1. Note: All intake Appointments will take one hour.
    2. We Accept Sex Offenders.
    3. We ask that all intake clients not be under the influence of drugs and alcohol during intake appointments.
    4. We do accept Client being released from a Correctional Center or Facility.
    5. We DO NOT Lend money to Our Clients.

Our Building Foundations Program:

This Program is the first  stop our clients after intake is Competed, this is where we as staff get to know each of our clients, if the client needs the help of our Peer navigator to help the client learn his/her way around the Boston area

Boston Project Rebound Reentry Services, Inc Peer- Navigator Mentoring program

The peer mentoring program is available to offenders releasing anywhere in Massachusetts. reentry mentoring project providing one-to-one peer support

The goals of the program include providing experienced guidance in planning for reentry, overcoming obstacles to successful community living and providing a bridge from per-release reentry services to community based resources.

How to Become a Boston Project Rebound Reentry Services Peer Navigator

 A client who has been in the community for 1 year or more may apply to Boston Project Rebound Reentry Services to become a Peer Navigator.                                 

The client must Compete the following goals

  1. Must be a Boston Project Rebound Re-Entry Services, Inc. Client.
  2. Must have Ability to wish to learn
  3. Must have willingness to Help Other’s 
  4. Must be living in Boston Community for 1 years or more.
  5. Must have Zero involvement with law enforcement.
  6. To have Stable Housing
  7.  To Have Stable work Employment in the community

Last Update 9/15/2023@7:23am

If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us during Our business hours

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