Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Posted 3/28/2020

The name has been changed to protect our client, but this is 1000% a real person who is our client, the success story below can be you’re too…. The Staff at Boston Project Rebound Reentry services, Inc. believe in being 1000% genuine with our clients

Dear Site Visitor

My name is Henry.  I served time at the House of Corrections.  I was released about a year ago.  And a staff member from Boston Project Rebound was waiting for me when I was discharged from that facility.  He has clothes, hygiene products and a backpack waiting for me.   He accompanied me to my probation appointment and also accompanied me to various other court related appointments.  He also helped to obtain my social security card and my EBT Snap benefits.  It’s been a year now since my release.  And I have stayed out of trouble and have adjusted to life on the outside.  And I wouldn’t have been able to do so without the help of the staff of Boston Project Rebound.

Thank you.

Henry unknown


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