Peer Navigation Program

    • Peer Navigation Specialist Program

The purpose of Boston Project Rebound Re-Entry Services, Inc., Inc. is to meet the service needs of re-entry, previously incarcerated, women and men, from release to successful reintegration in to community living through Peer Navigator Services. BOSTON PROJECT REBOUND RE-ENTRY SERVICES, INC., INC. anticipates that reentry women and men will experience the culture shock of moving from incarceration back into the community while also learning about new resources such as cell phones, computers, social media and many other changes. BOSTON PROJECT REBOUND RE-ENTRY SERVICES, INC., understands that most, if not all returning previously incarcerated women and men require help in navigating the complex and fragmented community based systems to gain: identification materials, transportation support, department of correction and court registrations, shelter, housing, financial assistance, food assistance, health and mental health care, addiction recovery programs, peer support, family reunification service, training/education programs and employment among other support needs.

Peer Navigator Specialist:

  1. Recruited from the BPRRS membership with:
    1. at least 12 months post re-entry experience,
    2. demonstrated participation and commitment to BPRRS programs,
    3. 3 recommendations from the BPRRS membership
    4. Ability to commit to BPRRS Navigation training, supervision and on-going support meetings.
    5. Representative of the diversity of re-entry clients in areas of race, language, culture, gender and life experiences.
  2. BPRRS Navigation Specialist will be a volunteer role
    1. Participate in BPRRS/Navigator training
      1. 10 hrs of classroom training
      2. Mentoring by BPRRS Navigator Specialist
  • 3 hours of observing BPRRS Navigator service
  1. On successful completion – Certification of BPRRS Navigator status
  2. Periodic update training
  3. Supervision at least once a month
  4. Evaluated by both supervisor and BPRRS staff & re-entry client