RHODE ISLAND Reentry Resources

1 Turning Around Ministries

(TAM) Turning Around Ministries (TAM) is a faith-based community
outreach program designed to offer after-care services to previously incarcerated persons who are returning
to Newport County from the Rhode Island Adult Correctional Institution (ACI).
(401) 846-8264,


, info@tamri.org
TAM, 50 Dr. Marcus F. Wheatland Blvd., P.O. Box 3151, Newport, RI 02840

2 RISE – Rhode Islanders Sponsoring Education

The mission of RISE is to provide scholarships and
mentoring to children of currently and formerly incarcerated parents in order to break the intergenerational
cycle of poverty, crime and addiction that too often threatens them.
(401) 421-2010,


, jksye@riseonline.org
RISE, 145 Prairie Ave., 1st Fl., Providence, RI 02905

3 OpenDoors
OpenDoors (previously the Family Life Center) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based on
the southside of Providence that serves formerly incarcerated individuals and their families.
(401) 781-5808,


, admin@opendoorsri.org
Rhode Island Open Doors, 485 Plainfield St., Providence, RI 02909

4 The Blessing Way
is a faith-based, social service agency which provides spiritual
support and guidance to men and women who are returning to the Providence, Rhode Island area from
prison or drug treatment.
(401) 709 – 3697,


, blessingwayinfo@yahoo.com
The Blessing Way, 70 Pemberton St., Providence, RI 02908
Rhode Island Correctional Industries, 33 Power Rd., Cranston, RI 02920

5 American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Rhode Island

The ACLU is not a resource for handling individual convictions or problems, unless related to conditions of confinement. The ACLU operates a
number of specific projects, including the AIDS Education Project of the National Prison Project, and the
Gay and Lesbian Rights Project of the ACLU.
(401) 831-7171,


, info@riaclu.org
ACLU of RI, 128 Dorrance St., Ste. 220, Providence, RI 02903

6 Northern Western Community Reentry

90 days pre-release and 60 days post release, Regional Reentry
Resource Coordinators work with the inmates to assist in obtaining documents (e.g., State ID, Social
Security Card), assist with appointments for (e.g., mental health treatment, drug treatment, HIV/AIDS,
education, employment, legal assistance), provide information for (e.g., independent living arrangements,
sober housing, residential substance abuse treatment) and work closely with probation and parole, family
members, service providers and local agencies.
(401) 235-7129,


, JDavis@CommunityCareRI.org
Community Care Alliance, P.O. Box 1700, Woonsocket, RI 02895

7 RICARES (Rhode Island Communities for Addiction Recovery Efforts, Inc.)

Rhode Island Communities for Addiction Recovery Efforts (RICARES), is the Recovery Community Organization (RCO) in the State
of Rhode Island. RCOs are independent, non-profit organizations that are led and governed by people in
recovery, their family members, friends, and allies. While each RCO is attentive to the needs of the
particular community in which they function, all of us focus on the core purposes of education, advocacy,
and peer based recovery support.
(401) 475-2960,


, info@ricares.org
RICARES 243, Main St., Pawtucket, RI 02860

8 Anchor Recovery Community Center

The Anchor Recovery Community Centers are a safe, supportive
environment for people in all stages of recovery. At the Anchor you will find a community of people who
have changed their lives for the better and want to help other people find a new way of living through
meaningful relationships, activities and a sense of community. The Anchor doesn’t just help people
maintain their recovery, it helps people build a new life.
(401) 721-5100,


, Info@AnchorRecovery.org
The Anchor Recovery Community Center, 249 Main St., Pawtucket, RI 02860

9 Crossroads Services

 Crossroads Services include health and dental care for those in need, education and vocational programs
to support workforce skills, crisis intervention and case management, as well as shelters and housing
(401) 521-2255,


, info@crossroadsri.org
Crossroads Rhode Island, 160 Broad St., Providence, RI 02903

10 Recovery Net

Recovery Net is a 12-month post-release program designed to meet the needs of men and
women who have mental health and substance abuse problems and are re-entering the community from the
Rhode Island Department of Corrections. The Providence Center provides programming on location at the
Rhode Island Adult Correctional Institute that helps inmates learn new skills and behaviors that support
their recovery from substance abuse and helps them to avoid future criminal behavior. Services are
designed reduce recidivism and relapse, and provide the supports ex-offenders need to make lasting
changes in their lives.
(401) 528-0123,


, rpritchard@provctr.org
The Providence Center, 528 North Main St., Providence, RI 02904

11 Norfork House

Norfork House is a transitional recovery home for women without children. Residents
must be substance free, have completed some form of treatment or re-entering the community from prison,
and be committed to their recovery. The length of stay is limited to two years.
(401) 765-4040

, http://www.gatewayhealth.org/substance.asp

, dtestoni@gatewayhealth.org
Tri-Hab: Division of Gateway Healthcare, 58 Hamlet Ave., Woonsocket, RI 02895

12 Caritas Women’s Program Eastman House

Caritas Women’s Program Eastman House was an independent non-profit treatment agency for adult
women before joining the Caritas organization in 1998. Located in Pawtucket, Eastman House is a 90 day,
18-bed residential treatment facility for adult women. It serves nearly 90 high-risk women and their
families each year. Most of our clients have experienced trauma and crisis in their lives. Many are
homeless. Others come to us directly from their release from state prison. At Eastman House we providecase management support and referral, job training and life skills education that enable Eastman House
clients to re-enter society as successful and productive, substance-free persons.
(401) 722-4644,



Caritas, Inc.-Eastman House, 166 Pawtucket Ave., Pawtucket, RI 02860

13 The Salvation Army Southern New England-Providence Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC)
The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARCs) provide spiritual, social, and emotional assistance
for men and women who have lost the ability to cope with their problems and provide for themselves. A
seven-phase program provides residents with the opportunity to regain self-respect and acquire the moral
and spiritual principles of conduct and responsible work habits that will enable them to re-enter society as
productive members.
(401) 421-5270,


, noreply@salvationarmy.org
Providence Family Store and Adult Rehabilitation Center, 201 Pitman St., Providence, RI 02906

14 Westbay Probation Project

In collaboration with the Kent County Adult Probation Office, Westbay’s
Family Resources Unit, headed by Paul Salera, has created a groundbreaking initiative in Rhode Island to
reduce recidivism, by helping individuals on probation receive the tools they need to change the direction
of their lives. This unique partnership offers participants a second chance, by helping them set goals and
establish a plan of action to achieve these goals, and lead meaningful and productive lives that contribute to
their communities.
(401) 732-4660, Ext. 124,


, jdelbonis@westbaycap.org Westbay Community Action Partnership, 224 Buttonwoods Ave., Warwick, RI 02886