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Steven’s Railroad Page

Steven’s Railroad Page

Last Updated 4/22/2020

My Railroad History

Member of west Springfield B&A railroad Yard Club

Member of Amherst Railway Society

member of Mystic Valley Railroad Club

My Railroad Photo Album


About Railroad (parts)

  1. List of railroad truck parts

Railroad Links

The Hoosac Tunnel (also called Hoosic or Hoosick Tunnel)

RailRoad Companys (Massachusetts)

  1. Bay Colony Railroad (BCLR)
  2. Connecticut Southern Railroad (CSO) (Genesee and Wyoming)
  3. CSX Transportation (CSXT)
  4. East Brookfield and Spencer Railroad (EBSR)
  5. Fore River Transportation Corporation (FRVT)
  6. Grafton and Upton Railroad (GU)
  7. Housatonic Railroad (HRRC)
  8. Massachusetts Central Railroad (MCER)
  9. Massachusetts Coastal Railroad (MC) (Iowa Pacific Holdings)
  10. New England Central Railroad (NECR) (Genesee and Wyoming)
  11. Pan Am Railways (PAR)
  12. Pan Am Southern (PAS) (Operated by Pan Am Railways)
  13. Pioneer Valley Railroad (PVRR) (Pinsly)
  14. Providence and Worcester Railroad (PW) (Genesee and Wyoming)
  15. Boston & Albany Railroad  (Defunct)- (see Below Defunct Railroads)

Passenger Carriers

  1. Amtrak (AMTK)
  2. Berkshire Scenic Railway
  3. Cape Cod Central Railroad
  4. Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
  5. Hartford Line

Railroad History


Railroad Clubs(Massachusetts)

  1. Pioneer Valley Live Steamers club
  2. Mystic Valley Railroad Club
  3. Amherst Railway Society
  4. North Shore Model Railroad Club
  5. Wilmington’s Boston Metro Hi Railers Model Railroad Club
  6. Nauset Model Railroad Club
  7. South Shore Model Railway Club & Museum

Railroad Stores (Massachusetts)

  1. Charles Ro Supply Company Malden, MA
  2. Palmer Hobbies, LLC Railroad Hobby Center

Trains And Railroad Magazines

  1. Trains Magazine
  2. Model Railroader
  3. Model Railroader Video Plus
  4. Garden Railways
  5. Classic Trains
  6. Classic Toy Trains
  7. Railfan & Railroad Magazine
  8. Acadia Collectibles – Online store specializing in model railroad magazine backissues
  9. Atlantic Northeast Rails & Ports – Newsletter about the railroads, ports, intermodal facilities, and government of New England and eastern Canada, published twice a month and archived online
  10. Australian Model Engineering Magazine – Bi-monthly magazine for model engineering enthusiasts
  11. Australian Model Railway Magazine – Bi-monthly magazine from the Southern Cross Model Railway Association
  12. Bahn-Report – Bi-monthly German railway magazine
  13. Banen – Bi-monthly Danish magazine with news and stories from railroads around Scandinavia
  14. Blickpunkt Straßenbahn – Bi-monthly German magazine covering urban public transit
  15. British Railway Modelling – Monthly magazine with layout features, prototype information, and historical articles
  16. British Railways Illustrated – Monthly British rail magazine with photos and feature articles
  17. Canadian Railway Modeler – Bi-monthly magazine devoted to modeling all aspects of the Canadian railway scene, by North Kildonan Publications

Street and Other Electric Railways

  1. Berkshire Street Railway
  2. Boston Elevated Railway
  3. Boston and Worcester Street Railway
  4. Cambridge Railroad
  5. Conway Electric Street Railway
  6. Eastern Massachusetts Street Railway
  7. Grafton and Upton Railroad
  8. Metropolitan Railroad
  9. Middlesex and Boston Street Railway
  10. Middlesex Railroad
  11. Milford and Uxbridge Street Railway
  12. Palmer and Monson Street Railway
  13. Pittsfield Electric Street Railway
  14. Shelburne Falls and Colrain Street Railway
  15. South Boston Railroad
  16. Springfield and Eastern Street Railway
  17. Upton Street Railway
  18. West End Street Railway

Live Web Cameras- New England

  1. Westfield, Massachusetts from Pilgrim Candle. Overlooking CSX railway and the Westfield River green bridges.
  2. Daily train-pass image archive:….
  3. Live CSX radio link:….

Defunct Railroads

NameMarkSystem[nb 1]FromToSuccessorNotes
Agricultural Branch RailroadNH18471867Boston, Clinton and Fitchburg Railroad
Albany Street Freight Railway1868N/A
Amherst and Belchertown RailroadCN18511858Amherst, Belchertown and Palmer Railroad
Amherst, Belchertown and Palmer RailroadCN18581861New London Northern Railroad
Andover and Haverhill RailroadB&M18371839Boston and Portland Railroad
Andover and Wilmington RailroadB&M18331837Andover and Haverhill Railroad
Asbury Grove RailroadB&M18701870Eastern Railroad
Ashburnham RailroadB&M18711885Fitchburg Railroad
Athol and Enfield RailroadNYC18691873Springfield, Athol and North-eastern Railroad
Barre and Worcester RailroadB&M18471849Boston, Barre and Gardner Railroad
Bellingham Branch RailroadNH18521853New York and Boston Railroad
Berkshire RailroadNH18371910New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad
Billerica and Bedford RailroadB&M18761878Boston and Lowell Railroad
Boston and Albany RailroadB&ANYC18671961New York Central Railroad
Boston, Barre and Gardner RailroadB&M18491885Fitchburg Railroad
Boston, Clinton and Fitchburg RailroadNH18671876Boston, Clinton, Fitchburg and New Bedford Railroad
Boston, Clinton, Fitchburg and New Bedford RailroadNH18731883Old Colony Railroad
Boston, Hartford and Erie RailroadNH18631874New York and New England Railroad
Boston, Hingham and Hull RailroadNH18801881Nantasket Beach Railroad
Boston and Lowell RailroadB&M18301919Boston and Maine Railroad
Boston and Maine CorporationBMB&M1963Still exists as a lessor of Pan Am Railways operating subsidiary Springfield Terminal Railway
Boston and Maine RailroadB&M, BMB&M18411964Boston and Maine Corporation
Boston and Maine Railroad Extension CompanyB&M18441845Boston and Maine Railroad
Boston and New York Central RailroadNH18531858Midland Railroad
Boston and Portland RailroadB&M18391841Boston and Maine Railroad
Boston and Providence RailroadNH18311972Penn Central Transportation Company
Boston, Revere Beach and Lynn Railroad18741940N/A
Boston Terminal CompanyBTCONH18961965N/A
Boston and Winthrop Railroad18811883Boston, Winthrop and Shore Railroad
Boston, Winthrop and Point Shirley Railroad18761883Boston, Winthrop and Shore Railroad
Boston, Winthrop and Shore Railroad18831891Boston, Revere Beach and Lynn Railroad
Boston and Worcester RailroadNYC18311867Boston and Albany Railroad
Brookline and Pepperell RailroadB&M18911895Fitchburg Railroad
Cape Ann Granite Railroad1894
Cape Cod RailroadNH18541872Old Colony Railroad
Cape Cod Branch RailroadNH18461854Cape Cod Railroad
Cape Cod Central RailroadNH18611868Cape Cod Railroad
Central Massachusetts RailroadB&M18831901Boston and Maine Railroad
Central New England RailwayCNENH18991938N/A
Central Vermont RailroadCN18731899Central Vermont Railway
Central Vermont RailwayCVCN18991995New England Central Railroad
Charles River RailroadNH18511855New York and Boston Railroad
Charles River Branch RailroadNH18491853Charles River Railroad
Charlestown Branch RailroadB&M18361846Fitchburg Railroad
Chatham RailroadNH18871937N/A
Chelsea Beach RailroadB&M18811892Boston and Maine Railroad
Chelsea Branch RailroadNYC18461847Grand Junction Railroad and Depot Company
Cheshire RailroadB&M18461890Fitchburg Railroad
Chester and Becket RailroadNYC18961931N/A
Commercial Freight RailwayNH18661867Marginal Freight Railway
Concord RailroadB&M18561890Concord and Montreal Railroad
Concord and Montreal RailroadB&M18901895Boston and Maine Corporation
Connecticut Central RailroadNH18761887New York and New England Railroad
Connecticut River RailroadB&M18451919Boston and Maine Railroad
Connecticut Valley RailroadNH18761876Connecticut Central Railroad
Consolidated Rail CorporationCR19761999CSX Transportation
Danvers RailroadB&M18521906Boston and Maine Railroad
Danvers and Georgetown RailroadB&M18511855Newburyport Railroad
Deerfield River Company18831888Hoosac Tunnel and Wilmington Railroad
Dighton and Somerset RailroadNH18631865Old Colony and Newport Railway
Dorchester and Milton Branch RailroadNH18461885Old Colony Railroad
Duxbury and Cohasset RailroadNH18671878Old Colony Railroad
East Boston Freight RailroadNYC18621869Boston and Albany Railroad
Eastern RailroadB&M18361890Boston and Maine Railroad
Eastern Junction, Broad Sound Pier and Point Shirley Railroad18801883Boston, Winthrop and Shore Railroad
Easton Branch RailroadNH18541871Old Colony and Newport Railway
Essex RailroadB&M18461864Eastern Railroad
Essex Branch RailroadB&M18691872Eastern Railroad
Fairhaven Branch RailroadNH18491861New Bedford and Taunton Railroad
Fall River Railroad (1846)NH18461854Old Colony and Fall River Railroad
Fall River Railroad (1874)NH18741896Old Colony Railroad
Fall River Branch RailroadNH18441845Fall River Railroad (1846)
Fall River and Warren RailroadNH18571862Fall River, Warren and Providence Railroad
Fall River, Warren and Providence RailroadNH18621892Old Colony Railroad
Fitchburg RailroadB&M18421919Boston and Maine Railroad
Fitchburg and Worcester RailroadNH18461869Boston, Clinton and Fitchburg Railroad
Fore River RailroadFOR1919Still exists as a lessor of the Fore River Transportation Corporation
Fore River RailwayFRY19861992Quincy Bay Terminal Company
Foxborough Branch RailroadNH18621867Mansfield and Framingham Railroad
Framingham and Lowell RailroadNH18701881Lowell and Framingham Railroad
Georgetown Branch RailroadB&M18441846Newburyport Railroad
Grafton Centre Railroad18731888Grafton and Upton Railroad
Grand Junction Railroad and Depot CompanyNYC18471862East Boston Freight Railroad
Granite RailwayNH18261870Old Colony and Newport Railway
Greenfield and Fitchburg RailroadB&M18481848Vermont and Massachusetts Railroad
Greenfield and Northampton RailroadB&M18451845Connecticut River Railroad
Hampden RailroadNH18521853Hampshire and Hampden Railroad
Hampshire and Hampden RailroadNH18531862New Haven and Northampton Company
Hanover Branch RailroadNH18461887Old Colony Railroad
Hartford and Connecticut Western RailroadNH18891938N/A
Hartford and New Haven RailroadNH18471872New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad
Hartford and Springfield RailroadNH18391847Hartford and New Haven Railroad
Harvard Branch Railroad18481855N/A
Holyoke and Westfield RailroadNH18691976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Hoosac Tunnel and Wilmington RailroadHTW18861971N/A
Hopkinton RailroadNH18701884Milford and Woonsocket Railroad
Hopkinton Branch RailroadNH18691870Hopkinton Railroad
Hopkinton and Milford RailroadNH18671870Hopkinton Railroad
Horn Pond Branch RailroadB&M18521929
Hull and Nantasket Beach RailroadNH18801881Nantasket Beach Railroad
Lancaster and Sterling Branch RailroadB&M18461846Fitchburg Railroad
Lexington and Arlington RailroadB&M18671870Boston and Lowell Railroad
Lexington and West Cambridge RailroadB&M18451867Lexington and Arlington Railroad
Lowell and Andover RailroadB&M18731919Boston and Maine Railroad
Lowell and Andover RailroadB&M18461848Lowell and Lawrence Railroad
Lowell and Framingham RailroadNH18811886Old Colony Railroad
Lowell and Lawrence RailroadB&M18481879Boston and Lowell Railroad
Manchester and Lawrence RailroadB&M18461856Concord Railroad
Mansfield and Framingham RailroadNH18671875Boston, Clinton and Fitchburg Railroad
Marblehead and Lynn RailroadB&M18651872Eastern Railroad
Marginal Freight RailwayNH18671872Union Freight Railroad
Marlborough Branch RailroadB&M18521860Marlborough and Feltonville Branch Railroad
Marlborough and Feltonville Branch RailroadB&M18581862Fitchburg Railroad
Martha’s Vineyard Railroad18741892N/A
Massachusetts Central RailroadB&M18691883Central Massachusetts Railroad
Medford Branch RailroadB&M18451845Boston and Maine Railroad Extension Company
Medway Branch RailroadNH18491864Boston, Hartford and Erie Railroad
Middleborough RailroadNH18451845Fall River Railroad (1846)
Middleborough and Taunton RailroadNH18531874Old Colony Railroad
Middlesex Central RailroadB&M18711883Boston and Lowell Railroad
Midland RailroadNH18581862Midland Land Damage Company
Midland RailroadNH18501853Boston and New York Central Railroad
Midland Land Damage CompanyNH18611863Southern Midland Railroad
Milford, Franklin and Providence RailroadNH18821910New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad
Milford and Woonsocket RailroadNH18551910New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad
Milford SecondaryB&A18481972Franklin LineNorthern part of the line was abandoned and turned into a rail trail, southern portion still exists and is operated by CSX and the MBTA.
Monadnock RailroadB&M18691892Fitchburg Railroad
Mount Tom and Easthampton RailroadB&M18711872Connecticut River Railroad
Mystic River RailroadB&M18531871Boston and Lowell Railroad
Nantasket Beach RailroadNH18801906Old Colony Railroad
Nantucket Railroad19101917N/A
Nantucket Railroad18801894Nantucket Central Railroad
Nantucket Central Railroad18951910Nantucket Railroad
Nashua and Acton RailroadB&M19071925N/A
Nashua, Acton and Boston RailroadB&M18711906Nashua and Acton Railroad
Nashua and Lowell RailroadB&M18361944Boston and Maine Railroad
New Bedford RailroadNH18731876Boston, Clinton, Fitchburg and New Bedford Railroad
New Bedford and Taunton RailroadNH18391873New Bedford Railroad
New England RailroadNH18951908New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad
New Haven and Northampton CompanyNH18621910New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad
New London Northern RailroadCN18601951Central Vermont Railway
New London, Willimantic and Palmer RailroadCN18481861New London Northern Railroad
New York and Boston RailroadNH18531865Boston, Hartford and Erie Railroad
New York Central RailroadNYCNYC19141968Penn Central Transportation Company
New York Central and Hudson River RailroadNYC19001914New York Central Railroad
New York and Harlem RailroadNYC18311976N/AWas located in present-day New York; the boundary was moved in 1855
New York and New England RailroadNH18731895New England Railroad
New York, New Haven and Hartford RailroadNHNH18721969Penn Central Transportation Company
Newburyport RailroadB&M18461906Boston and Maine Railroad
Newburyport City RailroadB&M18691893Boston and Maine Railroad
Newport and Fall River RailroadNH18461863Old Colony and Newport Railway
Norfolk County RailroadNH18471853Boston and New York Central Railroad
North Brookfield RailroadNYC18751976Consolidated Rail CorporationPlans to rebuild and reopen 2012[1]
Northampton and Springfield RailroadB&M18421845Connecticut River Railroad
Northampton and Westfield RailroadNH18521853Hampshire and Hampden Railroad
Norwich and Worcester RailroadNH18361976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Ocean Terminal RailroadB&M18791887Boston and Lowell Railroad
Old Colony RailroadNH18721947New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad
Old Colony RailroadNH18441854Old Colony and Fall River Railroad
Old Colony RailroadNH18381839New Bedford and Taunton Railroad
Old Colony and Fall River RailroadNH18541863Old Colony and Newport Railway
Old Colony and Newport RailwayNH18631872Old Colony Railroad
Penn Central Transportation CompanyPC19681976Consolidated Rail Corporation
Peterborough and Shirley RailroadB&M18451860Fitchburg Railroad
Pittsfield and North Adams RailroadNYC18421961New York Central Railroad
Plymouth and Middleborough RailroadNH18901911Old Colony Railroad
Plymouth and Vineyard Sound RailroadNH18681871Cape Cod Railroad
Providence and Bristol RailroadNH18511853Providence, Warren and Bristol Railroad
Providence, Warren and Bristol RailroadNH18531862N/AWas located in present-day Rhode Island; the boundary was moved in 1862
Providence, Webster and Springfield RailroadNYC18821958N/A
Quincy Bay Terminal CompanyQBT19922001Fore River Transportation Corporation
Randolph and Bridgewater RailroadNH18451845Fall River Railroad (1846)
Rhode Island and Massachusetts RailroadNH18761910New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad
Rockport RailroadB&M18601868Eastern Railroad
Salem and Lowell RailroadB&M18481879Boston and Lowell Railroad
Salisbury Branch RailroadB&M18441846Eastern Railroad
Saugus Branch RailroadB&M18481853Eastern Railroad
Seekonk Branch RailroadNH18361839Boston and Providence RailroadWas located in present-day Rhode Island; the boundary was moved in 1862
Shawmut RailroadNH18701871Old Colony and Newport Railway
South Reading Branch RailroadB&M18481892Boston and Maine Railroad
South Shore RailroadNH18461877Old Colony Railroad
Southbridge and Blackstone RailroadNH18491853Boston and New York Central Railroad
Southern Midland RailroadNH18631863Boston, Hartford and Erie Railroad
Spencer RailroadNYC18781889Boston and Albany Railroad
Springfield, Athol and North-eastern RailroadNYC18731879Springfield and North-eastern Railroad
Springfield and New London RailroadNH18751887New York and New England Railroad
Springfield and North-eastern RailroadNYC18781880Boston and Albany Railroad
Stockbridge and Pittsfield RailroadNH18471905Berkshire Railroad
Stoneham Branch RailroadB&M18591870Boston and Lowell Railroad
Stony Brook RailroadB&M1845
Stoughton Branch RailroadNH18441873Boston and Providence Railroad
Taunton Branch RailroadNH18351874New Bedford Railroad
Taunton and Middleborough RailroadNH18481853Middleborough and Taunton Railroad
Troy and Boston RailroadB&M18561887Fitchburg Railroad
Troy and Greenfield RailroadB&M18481862Fitchburg Railroad
Turner’s Falls Branch RailroadB&M18661869Vermont and Massachusetts Railroad
Union RailroadNYC18481854Grand Junction Railroad and Depot Company
Union Freight RailroadNH18721969N/A
Fall River Railroad (1846)NH18451846Fall River Railroad
Vermont Central RailroadCN18711873Central Vermont Railroad
Vermont and Massachusetts RailroadB&M1844
Vineyard Sound RailroadNH18611868Plymouth and Vineyard Sound Railroad
Walpole RailroadNH18461847Norfolk County Railroad
Waltham and Watertown Branch RailroadB&M18491851Fitchburg Railroad
Ware River RailroadNYC18671961New York Central Railroad
Watertown Branch RailroadB&M18461846Fitchburg Railroad
Wayland and Sudbury Branch RailroadB&M18681869Massachusetts Central Railroad
Weir Branch RailroadNH18471848New Bedford and Taunton Railroad
West Amesbury Branch RailroadB&M18681893Boston and Maine Railroad
West Stockbridge RailroadNH18361905Berkshire Railroad
Western RailroadNYC18331867Boston and Albany Railroad
Winchendon RailroadB&M18451846Cheshire Railroad
Woburn Branch RailroadB&M18441844Boston and Lowell Railroad
Woburn Branch Extension RailroadB&M18471848Boston and Lowell Railroad
Worcester Branch RailroadB&M18411847Worcester and Nashua Railroad
Worcester and Nashua RailroadB&M18451883Worcester, Nashua and Rochester Railroad
Worcester, Nashua and Rochester RailroadB&M18831911Boston and Maine Railroad
Worcester and Norwich RailroadNH18331836Norwich and Worcester Railroad
Worcester and Shrewsbury Railroad1873
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