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We know people are going through a lot – our families included. We’re reaching out to our whole network to wish you health and happiness this year. And to thank you for your continued support of our mission to end the incarceration of women and girls – whether you’ve ridden in a caravan with us, come to a virtual event, called your legislators, sent a postcard to demand clemency, or talked to your neighbors at a community canvas. We appreciate you.

We’d love to connect with you again, so please check out all the exciting events and volunteer opportunities we have coming up this month!

As you may know, we filed the Jail and Prison Construction Moratorium Bill (S2030 and H1905) this session. The bill would stop the state from building or expanding jails and prisons for 5 years so during that time we can focus on releasing women, implementing real community-based alternatives, and investing in what communities need to thrive: housing, treatment, healthcare.


Next week, we have a great opportunity to come together and hear more about the Moratorium Bill! Please join us at our virtual forum on January 20 at 7pm with our founder and leader Andrea James, Indigenous organizer Mahtowin Munro, and our bill’s lead sponsors Representative Chynah Tyler and Senator Jo Comerford.

You can register here: https://bit.ly/nonewwomensprison – hope you can make it! #NoNewWomensPrison 

We’ve been spreading the word about our bill by doing community canvasses in key districts and found that most people don’t know the state is planning to build a new women’s prison. And when they hear about it, they’re with us: the last thing we need is another prison. 

This is a critical moment for our legislation as we push to get the Moratorium Bill out of committee. We need folks to help us fill canvass shifts to educate people about the bill or you can do outreach by text and phone banking. We’ll make sure you get all the info and training you need!

Can you help us advance our bill by signing up to take action?

And it’s always helpful for you to call your own State Rep and Senator to say you support the Jail and Prison Construction Moratorium Bill. You can find a script and more information here: nonewwomensprison.org

While we’re fighting to stop the new women’s prison, we’re creating what different looks like. Our #ReimaginingCommunities work is growing: we distributed fresh veggies all summer, we’re expanding our guaranteed income program in 2022, we’ve purchased a mobile office, and our hydroponic farm is landing soon in the Humboldt Ave neighborhood! 


Over the next two years, we are leading a campaign to end the incarceration of women and girls in MA. We can be a model for the rest of the country! Passing this Moratorium Bill is one key step along the way. There are so many ways to be involved, so we’ll stay in touch! We look forward to working with you to #FreeHer! 

With appreciation,

Families for Justice as Healing and The National Council